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Tuesday, October 15th:Hishou no mori no tenshitachi – Onyanko Club

Wednesday, October 16th: Mass hypnosis – Sepultura

Thursday, October 17th: Understand – Youth of Today

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Troops of Doom

Troops of doom – Sepultura

UM, DOIS, UM DOIS TRÊS QUATRO! The marking of a nerd is a nice mix of metal and pop music, though not the pop music you sheeple listen to. And that’s all i’ve posted lately. I should just go ahead and announce my candidacy for Anime Club president. Anyway… I am not a fan of remasters, especially not 1980’s metal ones. I’ve never heard the original pressing of Schizophrenia but i imagine if i had i’d be all up in a prudish, fussy storm about the 1997 CD version i own. It is not only new recording possibilities that are reassessed and adapted towards by these remastering decisions, but an overarching conception of what sounds right, which is a very time dependent thing. Let them stay sounding like they do, or change them every ten years as fashion dictates and live in permanent dissatisfaction and shame with your present self. Soulfly was a really good idea wasn’t it, Max (Nailbomb was, though).

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Tuesday, July 31st:
A month of Spring – Apple Orchard

Wednesday, August 1st:
Go out and get ’em, boy – The Wedding Present

Thursday, August 2nd:
Love alone – Miss A

Friday, August 3rd:
Fine day – Shotmaker

Saturday, August 4th:
Desperate cry – Sepultura

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