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Friends/Sigmund and the Seamonsters – Tripping Daisy

Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits was the first second third CD i ever owned. I still have it. An oddly mixed who’s who (now just who?) of mid 90’s alternative rock playing covers of cartoon or Sid and Marty Krofft show theme songs, it was the perfect bridge between my ABC kids and Triple J ages. The show were of a different era to my own (except for Wax’s cover of Happy Happy Joy Joy) but there is kind of a cartoon truth to them – a definitiveness that covers all generations. If something similar were to be repeated today and bands covered the Digimon theme… Well i don’t know. It doesn’t seem right. It seems as though it should always be Hanna-Barbera themes.

It is funny how my tastes have shifted over the years in relation to this CD. How at first i would only listen to the Helmet, Ramones and Sublime songs, then gradually over the years i would fall for others. It is as straight through listenable as a covers compilation that extends 30 second songs to over three minutes can be. This was one of the last songs to get me and became one of my favourites, a favour that has suffered on listening to it again just now. It’s ok. This song preference shifting will keep happening over the rest of my life, every time i bother to listen to it again. I have the second half of the song stuck in my head.

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