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McCarthy – Avail

It’s late. One thing i’ve noticed growing up is that the world makes sense in the way piecemeal chunks of information and experience gradually fuse together to form wholes. That i met this album at age fourteen, and met Maximillian Colby quite discretely around eighteen, only to find a few years ago that this album’s title, 4am Friday, was the time Avail were informed of Bob from Maximillian Colby’s death. Things come together. They were friends. It’s personal stuff i shouldn’t really have a window into, but thanks to the bare-all world of hardcore i do. It’s this information and connection that made me reappraise and pick back up an Avail i had left behind.

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New #2

New #2 – Avail

I woke up New #2 instead. I think this song is actually about a long-distance relationship that doesn’t work, so there’s that. Like i need this. Sigh. Although i think maybe the relationship in the song wasn’t working well before the split, so i can divorce it from this experience on that. It might not be about that at all and i’m skewing everything my own sadsack way. Yes. I’m not going to be much fun.

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