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선물 – Kim Wan Sun

Deep cuts. Converted from a youtube video so sorry for the audio quality. It’s incredible that i even found it, so i’m thankful for that. As disappointed as i was to find the version of 나홀로뜰앞에서 on her second album was not the same as the single version, it’s still quite good, and it gives way for the other album tracks of which this is one of the best. The tempo and the way her voices rises breathlessly as she squeezes everything out during the chorus. I’m assuming this song would have been popular at noraebangs at the time, people’s voices cracking and passing out trying to keep up with her.

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The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Record fair day again, so record fair post again. I didn’t realise it at first, but people were talking about it on the internet when i checked this morning, and there’s an advantage of living as close to the city as i do now in that i can just catch a bus there and it’s fifteen minutes away. But there’s a shame in that i didn’t keep the nerd, lives-outside-of-town time i usually do for it, and turned up in the AFTERNOON like every other innercity beardo who just rolled out of bed.

No Kim Wan Sun records. Of course not. I’d have to go to a Seoul record fair for those. There was one just before i went over last year, but photos from it made it look like it very small and was mainly just CD’s, new ones at that. Not a big record town. Not a big record country. There’s the stall in the Hoehyeon underground mall, a store near Hongik University, and the Seoul Folk Flea Market, but beyond that i could not see anything. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I didn’t scour the whole country, but of what i did there was nothing.

Anyway, haul:
7″ records:
Wet blanket – The Chills
Confection – Crow
Bring on the loser – East River Pipe
Glider – Erectus Monotone (my third copy. I’m just going to buy every one i see. They’re only ever <$5.)
Warm girl – Eric's Trip
The road South – Eric's Trip
Hot boy – Giants Chair
Light shines through – Gumball
Her jazz – Huggy Bear
I'm a dick – The Muffs
Celebrate the new dark age – Polvo
Quicksand – Silkworm
Caterpillar – Unwound
Corpse pose – Unwound
Kandy korn rituals – Unwound
Strategic hamlets – Urusei Yatsura
Mid Youth Crisis/Sommerset split
Boys Life/Secular Theme split
Panx Vinyl Zine 03 compilation, with the Hated and Moss Icon.

10″ records:
Powerbomb anthems vol. 1 – Gordon Solie Motherfuckers
Hollowed victory – What Happens Next?

12″ records:
We’re not the problem – Epileptic Terror Attack
vs. – Mission of Burma
Palatka/Asshole Parade split


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In front of the yard alone – Kim Wan Sun

I have this album! However, like the version of I Could Be Happy of off Altered Images’ Pinky Blue album, this song has been remixed and reworked from its single version. I hate when that happens. Made to fit better among the songs that surround it, to contribute to the album and not stand alone, it lives suspended and pared back from the song it should be. Throughout its length, it remains always something different than what i am hoping, and i’m left waiting for the song i know and want to happen and it never comes. Gah. I should have spent time at the 45 bins. I just didn’t have time. Here’s what it should sound like. And look like:

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The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

One of my goals during my recent holiday to South Korea was to scour record stores for remnants of their pop history (i can’t figure out if a punk one exists). The kissing and cuddling impetus behind the trip was just a ruse – it was all about the records. There were very few stores, and none i could find outside of Seoul. They may have been out there. I just didn’t know where to look, and i’m not good enough at Korean to look it up in a phone book. Even then, i’d have to negotiate their crazy address system and the density of their streets and buildings to find them.

레코드 가게. I did have success. Somewhat. Ha Soo Bin’s two albums, the Lee Jae Min album where there is no way he isn’t carrying a pocket calculator in the picture on the cover, and the first two Kim Wan Seon albums. I’m very happy. There was no doubt countless stuff i missed because i simply don’t know enough about their music. A record released 1984-1988 with a young, hip looking girl on the cover. That would probably have been adequate qualification to have walked away with some really good stuff. Now i’ve just time to educate myself and slap my forehead in regret of all the things i left behind. I got this album though. I’m very happy. I said that already.

Record store guys (always guys) are the same worldover, in case you were wondering. Though he did seem to come out of that grumpy condition somewhat once he saw what i was buying.

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Saturday, July 21st:
The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Sunday, July 22nd:
London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

Monday, July 23rd:
Yr philosophy – Street Chant

Tuesday, July 24th:
Namida no Matsurika (Jasmine) LOVE – Kawai Sonoko

Wednesday, July 25th:
Rain – The Chills

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Monday, July 16th:
All that she wants – Ace of Base

Tuesday, July 17th:
My son – Sicko

Wednesday, July 18th:
Tonight – Kim Wan Sun

My goal here this holiday is to find her records so i can actually have decent recordings to listen to, and put up here if she comes into my head again. She will.

Thursday, July 19th:
Electric shock – f(x)

Friday, July 20th:
ハートのIgnition – Fukunaga Satomi

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