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The Hootch

The hootch – The Pixies Three

These non K-Pop days are victories and should be treated as such. I found this record (b’d/w It’s Summertime U.S.A.) at the Parramatta Record Fair on Sunday. The original but now more sparsely attended, sparsely vendored record fair. And demonstrating my enthusiasm and loyalty for it, i arrived half an hour before it ended, this being the only record i bought. I wouldn’t it have found it at all if it were not for a sticker proclaiming “Girl Group” on the record sleeve.

I’m not good at shopping for records without picture sleeves. I don’t have the label recognition skills, the patience to file through thousands of torn paper-sleeved oldies records, the assuredness i will actually find something of worth, the knowledge of which pressing is the right one to have, etc. Nor do i ever bring my glasses with me so that i can actually read the tinily, tinily printed artists’ names on faded labels. But then sometimes i find something fantastic and wonder if it is worth all that time, effort, hunching, smell, and squinting.

I’ll just spend time there casually i think. There’s a type of person i do not want to become and fear i will if i jump wholly into the 45 scene. I have to keep some dignity. Some free time.

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Birthday Party

Birthday party – The Pixies Three

While not the best, the Pixies Three may be the most definitive of the girl groups. And maybe the safest. Formed at high school, discovered at a talent show, three voices, finger snaps and spirit, brought up on doo wop, jazz choir and the power of their own voices, affected so much by the girl group movement, and doing it themselves. Songs about boys and parties. So many parties. And you can see these parties so clearly – the occasion, the dresses, the suits, the roles, the show, the convention, moments, the criticality, the decisiveness. The soundtrack to every orderly teenage mixer.

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