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Somethin’ stupid – Nancy and Frank Sinatra

See what i did there? This is no duet. There is no equality, perhaps because equality here – love matching love in the way it’s declared in this song, between father and daughter – might be a little creepy. But still it is seemingly an exercise in holding up Frank Sinatra’s standing, Nancy just there to hold a simple harmony line. It leads some wacks to claim “why except for nepotism is this monotoned wench ruining our boy Frankie’s song?!”, and all that usual criticism and spite leveled at, in their eyes, unworthy, unwelcome, inept (usually female) singers.

It is a great song, but there is nowhere given for Nancy Sinatra to shine as she has in her solo work, or her superior, better matched, better supported duets with Lee Hazlewood. This is not Nancy Sinatra failing to match her father on record. It is her being held purposefully down under the weight of her father’s star – justly so, some would say. All this is based on the consideration that her part in this song is even remembered or recognised as one half of a duet and not simply an anonymous backing singer.

A perfect scenario, to allay all creepiness or all suppression would be one of Nancy Sinatra hearing her father sing this version alone, she singing over him separately, quietly, at a distance oblivious to her father, in secret, out of love, out of respect, sharing the light with her father in he own solemn way. Hearing this song as a recording of a moment such as that makes it something special, if not for it being so fantastic and spurious.


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