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Tonto Corazón

Tonto corazón – Cola Jet Set

Sometimes i think there are just too many songs on the Cola Jet Set album, and i if i had to this would be one of those i’d cut. But why this over others? Any detraction i lay at it – that it’s somewhat monotonous and doesn’t really go anywhere – could be directed at nearly every song on it. Monotonous and not going anywhere it may be, it’s still an exercise in perfect songcraft. They all are, i feel there’s just too many for one album. Or maybe i’m wrong and it’s just the right amount.

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Guitarras y Tambores

Guitarras y tambores – Cola Jet Set

Sometimes i get busy. Not often, but enough.

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Sunday, June 23rd:
Kiss in the dark – The Undertones

Monday, June 24th:
Kindan no telepathy – Kudo Shizuka

Tuesday, June 25th:
Guitarras y tambores – Cola Jet Set

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Subidubi – Cola Jet Set

Sound and instrumentation would place Cola Jet Set alongside all those other bands that seek to exhume pop history and its affect through retro impression, but there is something completely counter to that here, as though they couldn’t help being this band, writing this music, in any age and any music environment they were to exist in. And they do it better than anyone else to boot.

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Wednesday, July 11th:
Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Thursday, July 12th:
El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Friday, July 13th (ooooh):
Apple is A – T-ara

Saturday, July 14th:
Like a secret – Jawbreaker

Sunday, July 15th:
Alone – Sistar

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Suena el teléfono – Cola Jet Set

Let’s all watch the video because i have a lot to do. I’m leaving for Korea again tomorrow. The thing i love is there, and it ain’t K-Pop.

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Ese grupo está bien – Cola Jet Set

A slight song, but a slight song from Cola Jet Set means there’s an exquisite sounding verse and chorus placed one after the other perfectly, and just not much more. No heights reached, it just ends after a couple of rounds. And i don’t mind. Actually, maybe i do. Guitarras y Tambores is a long album. Maybe some songs could have been left out, but only if they were to be redistributed elsewhere.

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