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Sunday, June 2nd:
Loveable – Kim Jong Kook

Monday, June 3rd:
50th and Bay – Dirt Bike Annie

Tuesday, June 4th:
Aishu no carnaval – Kawai Sonoko


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Rat Fink

Rat fink – Dirt Bike Annie

Dirt Bike Annie’s enthusiasm and energy always seemed counter to something – appearing cool, the city of New York, better judgement. As if their music alone were not enough to draw it out, everything seemed to be pushed out and over with such determination not to fall into image-serving indolence. Nothing forced or pretentious, just a drive to not be, because who does want to be that?

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Chapped And Cracked

Chapped and cracked – Dirt Bike Annie

I don’t have much to say about this other than it seems a really autopilot song, like it is the inevitable result of Dirt Bike Annie picking up their instruments and playing together. This song would simply have had to happen eventually. The chords and lyrics were just waiting, primed to leak out. And it is not at all a bad thing.

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Marcia, she’s trying to kill me – Dirt Bike Annie

Sometimes all i want to do is live in the selfish, juvenile rut of TV, video games, crushes and nerd-dom that pop punk nurtures so. Inconsiderate to adulthood and all that prodding and demand. Yeah… I would be so good at it too. But who is that going to help?

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TV addict sex maniac – Dirt Bike Annie

“She’s so Aries and i’m so Scorpio.” An early compilation song from Dirt Bike Annie that sounds just fantastic if you can find a live version. It sounds good here too, but they really were their best as a live band. I mean, i have never actually seen them live. It’s a discernment i’ve gained through live recordings and videos. And through others who were fortunate enough to see them saying the exact same thing.

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What’s happening, hot stuff? – Dirt Bike Annie

As much as i love or loved Dirt Bike Annie, this song never really ever clicked with me. I don’t know why. Its length, its subject matter and its place on the 7″ lend it to be the song of consideration, but i don’t know… there are better Dirt Bike Annie songs. Not that it’s horrible, mind. Far from it. I had fun when i listened to it yesterday, bookended by Bobbie Sue and that Mister Rogers cover.


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Do Whatcha Wanna

Do whatcha wanna – Dirt Bike Annie

Yet in that nadir of late 90’s/early 00’s pop punk there were bands like Dirt Bike Annie – hit machines who wrote songs like Do Whatcha Wanna and made this music an exciting, viable, rewarding subgenre to keep in touch with. Sure, you may not find such proof in this here pudding, one pop punk band being as terrible as the other, but… i don’t know… you’re wrong.


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