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I can see your smile – Bomb Bassets

I can see why this isn’t considered one of the greatest songs of all time, and it is not because it’s not a great song. It’s because it is too grounded in punk and its limited expectation and limited esteem to ever be recognised so. Unlike Girl Of My Dreams, their isn’t a prepared, paved space for a song like this on any greatest list.

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Girl Of My Dreams

Girl of my dreams – Bomb Bassets

There are songs that i think should be more popular and more hallowed than they are. Here’s one. But then i have to trust the world as to why it isn’t. Maybe it’s not so great. Maybe it isn’t among the world’s greatest ever power pop songs. Maybe it doesn’t approach the perfection all guitar music narrows towards. Maybe i’m wrong.

Then what does it lack? I would like to know. The reductant holding on punk, in message, reach and reception, may have something to do with it’s lack of reverence and status. A dumb song sent to no one and loved by nobodies is never going to be held up by the tastemaking class. Oh well. Here is one of the greatest songs ever written. Though evidently it is not.

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Take A Trip

Take a trip – The Bomb Bassets

“…across the sea of love”. The Bomb Bassets were a spare time band for all three of the power trio era Mr. T Experience, Dallas from Sweet Baby, John from the Hi-Fives, and Kevin Army. They initially came together to resurrect some of Dallas and John’s old Sweet Baby and Brent’s TV songs, but with such irrepressible talent grouped together more incredible songs began to seep out, every single one of them about a girl, resulting in an album, two EPs, a split 7″ with the McRackins, and some compilation appearances. Contrary to popular belief, they were never on the Rikki Lake Show.

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