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Shelly’s Boyfriend – Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo

From the incredibly fruitful Valley Girl soundtrack, though not the original album, but the decade later released, follow up, overflow-control album: Valley Girl: More Music From The Soundtrack. That’s how great it was. I will go on record that Valley Girl has the best soundtrack out of all 80s teen movies. Try and find one better. It doesn’t quite have that mixtape, English-band-in-one’s-bedroom feeling that the John Hughes movie soundtracks exude (though there is that Modern English song on there. Oh, and Psychedelic Furs…), just an effortless impression of setting, identification, sympathy and elation through a few new wave songs. Though there is the chance, only ever seeing it on video, that i’ve never heard the intended soundtrack, due to licensing issues, etc. But this is the shape of the movie in my mind and i love it.

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