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Believe in what? – Pitfall

Taking up all my time at the moment is converting and uploading the Hardcore Pride Australia Wide video that came out 2002-ish. I don’t know why no one else has done this yet, or something similar with those other mountains of archival gold so many people are sitting on. Maybe because it is a time-consuming, thankless, frustrating exercise. I’m just doing it for whatever internet credibility it garners. None.

Seriously though, there is some great and important footage on there worth documenting for as many people as possible to see it. Conation, Heartfeltself, Standard, Arms Reach, Fallout, Irrelevant, Frontside, The Bradshaw Figure, Blood of Others, etc. Those bands are far from the selling point of the video, but they’re my favourites. Australian Hardcore 1998-2000. Look at the funny clothes they’re wearing. Compare and contrast the posturing, both crowd and bands, from then to now. I still have so much to upload. Next is that Bjelke-Petersen Youth et al DVD, if i can ever find it.

There are two songs from the Pitfall reunion show at the Black Box on the tape. This song and Torn Between, the latter featuring the biggest pile-on i have ever seen in this country. Given the emotion of the song and the moment, it is more akin to a cathartic group hug than any hardcore ritual.

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