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Hell On Wheels

Hell on wheels – Fu Manchu

This song and band will be forever linked to those school holidays where all my friends went to the Offshore(?) festival in Victoria, had a whale of a time, had all kinds of age-appropriate experiences, and brought back so many road stories, new bands to like, and merchandise. Meanwhile i sat at home, alone, playing Majora’s Mask or Perfect Dark or something. It was one of the first instances where my prudishness and unwillingness to leave the house and have fun put a split between the development of my friends and i. They in the right direction, me in the dork direction.

I can’t remember who they got to see down there. Fu Manchu… i think maybe NOFX, possibly Tool, probably Machine Gun Fellatio. It’s certainly nothing i regret, bandwise. It’s just something i deeply regret on a personal level. A level of growth. Who knows where i would be now if i had gone with them, or had not denied myself a seat on the many other adventures they would go after? I know an awful lot about staying at home.

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