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Les autres sont jaloux – Yianna Katsoulos

The very concept of this blog means i can’t ever be evangelical at will over songs i love. I have to wait until they turn up. And finally i get to give this, one of my most beloved of songs, exposure. Les autres sont jaloux is one of the greatest songs ever written/constructed. I have to disclaim this, because all elements within indicate cheese and trash, but that declaration of it being one of the best songs is made without a trace of irony. Everything about this song is perfect, from the beat, to the Franglais, to the off-key singing, to its call for feeling fantastic and exceptional about oneself, with the world and others in it there to feed that feeling.

It is a song everyone needs. A lot of people already realise this, so it is up to me in my corner to proselytise. Glenn seems to already know about it. The only other times i’ve expressed my fervour over it are those times i’ve tried to convert Rebekah, and that once i put on a mixtape for a girl from the Awful forums who in response told me she loved it. And she was from Brooklyn. They know cool there. So here is Yianna Katsoulos, with Les autres sont jaloux. Enjoy.

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