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Bing bing – Crayon Pop

As a Crayon Pop fan since day one… I don’t know what i’m trying to say. Maybe i’m trying to brag about it and say i liked them before they were cool. Yes, before the weird, tracksuit and helmet-wearing, interchangeably Asian girls who broke through the youtube meme barrier became cool. Glad to be ahead of that curve. But really they’ve always been good, despite, just as much as because of, their gimmickness, and deserve to have life and popularity outside of this internet fifteen minutes. I’m so happy they’re successful, i just hope this level of success isn’t solely attributed to the gimmicks and they aren’t swallowed in trying to recapture it. Their willingness to be fun and goofy was such a breathe of fresh air, and they’ve been so smart with it so far – the guerilla concerts, the social media reaching out, etc. – and the songs are there… … Don’t screw it up.

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