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Cue Cards

Cue cards – Lync

The greatest riff from one of the greatest sounding songs from the greatest ever sounding band. This is perfection for me. Absolute. If i could live my life to one sound, one feel, one mood, enveloped by it, it would be to this. For some reason it reminds me of Bilpin and Mountain Lagoon and the contented solace i’ve always found there. The weather there too, which i guess is exactly the weather here. How it builds up in the intro only to fall back into the most perfect of tempos. How cold, green and earthy it sounds. The Pacific North-West is bottled in this. Everything i am is bottled in this.

The most underrated, undermentioned band in the world, and i do like it that way. Though more people seem to stumble upon Lync every year, i like so much how they’ve felt for so long my own special secret. I’ll never understand. They are one of the best bands to ever exist, and that extends beyond my usual subjective, controvertible exaltation. The lives this band would change. If only more people knew. It’s their fault. They released records on K, have a stupid amount of critical acclaim and there’s even some Modest Mouse, Beck and Built To Spill connections. How does that miss? And if it doesn’t and they reach people, how is this band ever deflected?

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