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If looks could kill – Camera Obscura

Songs firmly linked to certain memories, and this song seems it will forever remind me of driving along the back side of Richmond RAAF base after leaving a particularly bad party, and it coming on the radio. It was dedicated to people driving – me! – with instructions to play loud. After the boredom and rejection i was then running away from, to have this song and the opening arms that carried it (Sydney’s hip young people’s radio station nonetheless), playing just for me, well… i drove very fast indeed.

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Keep it clean – Camera Obscura

Small window again, so here’s the video. Friends going out to a field because that’s the thing to do. Maybe my favourite Camera Obscura song.

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French Navy – Camera Obscura

Ok, after watching a few live videos i’m convinced that they might be a little boring live. It is funny to imagine young, attractive, carefree, out for good times things committedly and discourteously doing their thing in the face of stage fright, ageing, struggling, morose, note for note perfection. To me, anyway. Become a jukebox. Of course i’ve never yet seen them.

It would be interesting to see how this song is live, without the fading out. It could basically go on forever, new ideas, new melodies, forever.


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Suspended from class – Camera Obscura

Arse“. I can’t bring myself to believe Camera Obscura are boring live. To spite this conviction, every report i’ve received has been that they are indeed boring live. I guess i could actually go see them and find out for myself, but now i’m scared. What if they are? It is a possibility. But as mopey and maudlin as they can be, i transcribe nothing but good times to their music – and if not good, then necessary and cathartic times, as only pop music can provide.

Maybe earlier in their career (i.e. around the time of Underachievers Please Try Harder) they hadn’t yet found their groove. But from Let’s Get Out of This Country on, when those symphonic instruments, and the songs and the ethos of those songs, came into Camera Obscura’s hands, to be still without that groove, to be boring, seems to me impossible. It’s irresponsible.


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My girlfriend and i went for a long overdue holiday last week, hence the lack of entries. You can actually map the days i’m out of the house, doing something, to the days i’m unable to post a song. It’s something far too infrequent. It’s sad, really. Anyway, as catchup:

Tuesday: My guilty conscience – Dorotea

Canberra. Drive through Snowy Mountains to coast and Merimbula. Main Surf Beach.

Wednesday: On, on, on, on – Tom Tom Club

Merimbula. Potaroo Palace, Magic Mountain, South Beach. Jumping pillow, arcade, walk along the cliffs in the dark.

Thursday: Lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken – Camera Obscura

Wednesday: Merimbula. Town, second hand stores, Top Fun. Drive to Eden. Whale museum, Short Point beach, Back Lake boardwalk.

Friday: Healthy food – Cookie Monster

Eden. Drive north. Think about staying in Bateman’s Bay but that place sucks. Drive to Mollymook/Ulladulla. Mollymook beach, Funland, more second hand stores, more cliff walks at night, a lighthouse.

Saturday: Rosemary Ledingham – BMX Bandits – i’ll never be able to find this song again.
Mollymook. Funland. Lunch at hippy, very much vegetarian cafe in Milton. Drive north missing every market we intended to go to, and the Nowra waterslide park. Afternoon snacks at vegetarian cafe with a slightly more to offer the vegan in Gerringong, Weri Beach, Kiama blowhole, drive home.

Today, Sunday: What’s a girl to do – Bat For Lashes

We didn’t listen to this song the entire time away.
We’re such tourists.

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