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One step forward – Even As We Speak

It would have been a very simple, very natural process of likemindedness, communication, demo tape sending and no big deal at all really, but it always amazes me there were Australian bands on Sarah. It’s the height of reverence i hold the label at, i suppose. But Australian bands, Australian people, Australian perspectives, on Sarah! That means time, ability, want and scene circle all aligning to a singular perfection, i could have been on Sarah.

Of course what has happened with Even As We Speak with this modern veneration of the label above all else that was happening in music back then is that all the records they released before and apart from their time on Sarah have fallen to a forgetfulness, and made the songs on Sarah as the essence of what Even As We Speak were and would be remembered by. Before and apart, Matthew sang a lot more and Julien hadn’t yet laid his sound exploration stamp on the band.

But some/most of their best songs are found here on Sarah. It must have been very exciting for them. If it were me i would have been more excited that Boyracer chose to cover one of my songs. This one. Maybe i would have been most excited that i wrote it in the first place.

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