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House With A Hundred Rooms

House with a hundred rooms – The Chills

Boy do i ever love this song and think it might be the Chills’ best. The opening verse more than any other part of it. It’s this wonderfully dark, haunting, pictoral sound to accompany equally as wonderful lyrics. I’m not sure where Martin Phillipps was writing this song from, but this is the sound of somewhere i’ve been. And then there’s the straight chord progression of a chorus that homes everything, and the off part with those climbing chords which send it back. Yeah, this is the Chills’ best song.

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Saturday, July 21st:
The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Sunday, July 22nd:
London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

Monday, July 23rd:
Yr philosophy – Street Chant

Tuesday, July 24th:
Namida no Matsurika (Jasmine) LOVE – Kawai Sonoko

Wednesday, July 25th:
Rain – The Chills

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Pink Frost

Pink frost – The Chills

I’m not sure i agree that this is the Dunedin sound/Flying Nun song by the Dunedin sound/Flying Nun band. For personal preference i would take the Verlaines, Look Blue Go Purple, the Clean, the Dead C, or the Bats, but that’s just me trying to wield and give appreciation to the roster of an excellent record label. Chart success and English music journal write-ups write and cull for history, and what and who is recognised and remembered, like no two other elements in music. I do not mean to decry this band or this song. It’s fantastic, great, the best. It is just my usual feeble effort to champion the underappreciated. Not that those bands i listed are lacking appreciation in anyway…

seventh continent

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