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If life is a highway, then i’m totally fucked – Wormburner

Wormburner is a newish band that i wish so much they were just slightly better. I think i was fooled by the band name-drops they’ve been same-breathed with. I think i remember Braid. It’s no Braid, it’s nowhere even near that revival of mid-90’s midwest twinkly boy remission music, but it’s ok. They have a 7″ out and this is the lead song. It’s good music. The lyrics are kinda ho-hum. This is the only song on the record that doesn’t offer and reflect romance with drinking and being drunk. Not that i think there’s anything wrong with that, but people really have to find a new tune to coalesce wasted youth and wasted summer days with. That it’s an in vogue band image and adequate song matter is getting boring. Though what the hell would i know.


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