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You keep me hangin’ on – Vanilla Fudge

I could post the Supremes’ version, but the Vanllia Fudge cover is perhaps only instance a male guitar-bass-drums band has taken the girl group pop machine construction and exceeded it. And how but by making everything heightened and taking it to an even more vital, monumental, total place. And believing in it. I could be wrong, but that’s how it feels to me. Completely. Also i’ve never really liked Diana Ross’ voice.

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I’m in a drawn out process of moving house, so that’s why. School on top of that and no internet there yet, some things have to be put aside. As catchup:

Thursday, March 14th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Friday, March 15th
Two out of three ain’t bad – Meat Loaf

Saturday, March 16th
Final day – Young Marble Giants

Sunday, March 17th
In the city – The Jam

Monday, March 18th
You keep me hanging on – Vanilla Fudge

Listen to those in order and maybe you can draw a narrative of my experience these past few days. Maybe not.

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