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Easy Guy

Easy guy – The Archies

Close your eyes and think of this song as played by the all-est of all-american cartoon everyteens and i believe there’s a dissonance between image and sound here. It doesn’t sound like what the Archies look like they should sound like. It is as though the songs are put before the image or the image before the songs – that the songs and the marketing package of the Archies were crammed together in unconvincing ways. Sugar, Sugar fits perfectly. This song, and others, do not. This is not an incongruity that was ever found in the Monkees, another “pretend” band. Their songs always seemed appropriate as Monkees songs. Well maybe not towards the end. And this is an Archies song towards their end. I don’t know. It’s a good song, just a sound and sentiment more believable coming from those bearded folk in the inlay card than it does those cartoon folk on screen.

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Bang Shang-A-Lang

Bang shang-a-lang – The Archies

It’s shameful, but i’ve never seen an episode of The Archies, nor have i ever read the comic book. It’s something that seems so far up my alley, but the cartoon has never appeared to my scouring knowledge syndicated on television here, and the books… I just don’t know where to start. There are so many issues, so many spin-offs, so many digests, so much history, so much commitment, getting a foothold in seems impossible. But that could be said about anything bewildering in its expanse – dance music, The Wire, independent wrestling, etc.

It’s just a matter of jumping on, i guess. But, again, where? I don’t know if the people at the comic book store would be at all helpful – their attention and expertise directed to less disreputable elsewheres. There’s probably a community. Out there. Somewhere. But at the same time, has it changed and lost the charm it had in the 60’s and 70’s and that community only remains because they’ve invested so much in the series?

Yeah. I’m going to buy a book. Walk into a store, buy the most interesting one i see and slide however slippery that slope is from there. I am so sure Archie is perfect for me, either academically, ironically, or earnestly. I’ve longed to put the story to the music, even though i’m sure the music was often completely auxiliary to that story. It’s time.

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Little Green Jacket

Little green jacket – The Archies

I don’t know if any one of the Archies actually wore a little green jacket and Coppertone suntan lotion. I’ve not seen an episode of the show, nor read the comic books, to know. But, in all the pictures of them i’ve not once seen a little green jacket worn. Maybe it’s the colourist’s fault. Maybe it was just a phase for one of them – a phase that inspired a song, and a song that lives forever, tucked in back of the Archies’ catalogue.

Or maybe it was just trying to cram a written song into the Archies format, regardless of fit or need of context. They don’t really have to be about anything. They don’t have to spend the whole episode setting relevance up so they can break into song about it. Just BAM! Musical interlude. It’s the danger of singing about something less universal than love, i guess. That fits anywhere.

stay out of riverdale

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