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This song is about you – Jane vs. World

née Go Betsy. This song isn’t that good. The band isn’t perfect either. They come from my long history of taking what i can get in contemporary Australian indie pop music, yet none of it ever fitting as well as i’d like. It’s always too much coming from the wrong direction, the wrong influences, too much from incohesive scenes to actually build anything from, too cool, too Melbourne. But this is all we get. I don’t want to denounce people’s efforts, especially when my own are (still, probably forever. Give up life) non-existent, nor use this band’s song as the platform to do so, but why can’t good, well-influenced, well-directed bands exist here like they do in seemingly all other parts of the world? Does anyone want to start one? Or show me where they are hidden? There are some, but wading through the crud to find them is a discouraging thing.

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