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19 – Look & Listen

Today’s video of Look and Listen playing outside comes as part of a solidarity concert for unfairly dismissed Colt factory workers that was held last weekend near Hongik University (where else?). Looks fun. People get down, especially that one girl in a dark t-shirt and shorts.

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Wake Up

Wake up – Look & Listen

There is nothing a band can do to harsh my buzz more than write a go nowhere song twice their usual length and half their usual speed. At least that was my first reaction to this song, it conflicting with an image of Look & Listen i had formed in my that i didn’t wish shaken. But i get it now. I get why they wrote it and i get why they play it every time, when in their set they play it. Because it’s fun, works on convention and you can dance to it. The music world is a better place for me not being able to shape it to how i think it should be. I really have the most close minded, unexciting, heady approach to it.

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Ready To Go

Ready to go – Look & Listen

Their “everybody get up”, call to arms, promise of fun, intro song. The first song on the album, the first song they play live. Perfect length, perfect sentiment, perfect energy. Here’s a video of them playing the Hongik Children’s Park to the best crowd ever, this song doing everything it is meant to. Even though there’s a false start.

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I tell you it’s been kinda liberating. I could have easily followed this slippery slope and completely given up on this thing, but, i don’t know, there’s this compulsion i have to it. And it’s really only for me. But now we’re settled, we have internet, school is on a mid-semester break, so i’ll continue.

Tuesday, March 19th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Wednesday, March 20th
Keiko no namida – Nishimura Tomomi

Thursday, March 21st
Bored teenagers – The Adverts

Friday, March 22nd
Superman – Look & Listen

Saturday, March 23rd
Playdough – The Aquabats

Sunday, March 24th
Opposite horizons -Managra

Monday, March 25th
Mismatched couples – Teresa Carpio

Tuesday, March 26th
Head gone astray – The Soup Dragons

Wednesday, March 27th
Sputnik mon amour – Band a Part

Thursday, March 28th
Ice cream – f(x)

Friday, March 29th
Ready to go – Look & Listen

Saturday, March 30th
Aishuu no Carnival – Kawai Sonoko

Sunday, March 31st
Cuttie pie – L’Trimm

Monday, April 1st
Guess i should’ve kicked his head in – The Haywains

Tuesday, April 2nd
Wakasugita koi – Moritaka Chisato

Wednesday, April 3rd
Arashi no yoru no serenade – Kudo Shizuka

Thursday, April 4th
Manly – Camperdown and Out

Friday, April 5th
The morning fog – Kate Bush

Saturday, April 6th
West Riding House – Boyracer

Sunday, April 7th
Nemo – Assfactor 4

Monday, April 8th
I don’t suppose i’ll get a second chance – Another Sunny Day

Tuesday, April 9th
Miss Candy Twist – Dolly Mixture

Wednesday, April 10th
Fushigi TOKYO Cinderalla – Saint Four

Thursday, April 11th
On the spines of old cathedrals – Shrag

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Run – Look & Listen

This song also has a video. Let’s watch it together! Drumming for a band like this would be my dream job, so let’s make this guy disappear in some Spinal Tap accident so i can move in.

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Run – Look & Listen

Part of the reason i’m so invested in the pop side of Korean music is that most of the rock stuff i have found is total garbage. Well maybe garbage is is too strong, but it all seems to skirt a line between dull, safe Interpol/Muse space-rock clones, Jason Mraz torture and is-this-christian-rock? rock, and my interests by their very nature cannot live on that spectrum. I know the stuff i want exists, but like everywhere it is overclouded by the boring things. It’s made harder in that not being on the ground and not speaking the language, i’m left reliant on others to delve in and disseminate, and what they do disseminate lies strictly and comfortably on that spectrum – all of which i’m coming to find is from a similar machine to the larger Korean entertainment industry, so why don’t i just listen to K-pop?

Even the punk bands in Korea seem devoid of the important things – the DIY, non-contrived things. What i want is music that is satisfied with a small reach, and the exiting things that happen under such satisfaction. The weird stuff not beholden to image or construct – music that just is, made by kids in highrises or parks, played anywhere to anyone for no good reason. I know it exists – it can’t not – but it is hard to find. I found it so brilliantly in Mukimukimanmansu (who i’ve never written about here for i’m assuming the same mental block that’s made me never write about Fugazi or Minutemen or Sleater-Kinney or the many other bands who mean too much to me), and also, for today, Look & Listen.

This is loaded and makes me uncomfortable to say, but to me they are a Korean Shonen Knife. That’s an obvious comparison to put to a band of Asian girls playing simple, goofy, ceaselessly fun, perfect, punky guitar pop, but i’d like to have it come across as an apt one and not one feeding into the “Korean version of __________” line. And it is not a lesser comparison: Everything wonderful, exciting and vital in Shonen Knife i see as well in Look & Listen. And it seems something that could not happen, or at least happen in this way, if it were not for the trails Shonen Knife cut. They could entirely be an influence, and to say no to that is to ignore the intra-Asian impact of Shonen Knife, or indeed any Asian music we feel in the West. We’re not the only ones who listen to music – who are served and moved by it.

Anyway, if not directly influenced by, they are drawing from precisely the magic that made Shonen Knife as fantastic as they were, although Look & Listen do sing less songs about food. If only Beat Happening had toured Korea nowdays instead of Japan twenty-five years ago. The final comparison i’ll make is that like Shonen Knife’s songs, this song is sung in English. Most of Look & Listens are which is a little unfortunate. But they are great and they are fun and they are now! So check them out!! I never say that!!! 룩앤리슨!!!!

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