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The heat death of the universe – Off Minor

Off the three times Off Minor toured here, and of the six times i saw them (no big number,i assure you), it is this song that stuck out for me most. From the first time, not knowing a thing about the band, being completely confused as to where the beat was and when to nod my head, but still i knew i was witnessing something special; to the second time when i had borrowed Peter’s CD enough to know the songs, to be able to tap along to the complicated parts of this song, to be caught up in the slow swell towards the end, to “this time we are gone!/god!” (i’ve never been sure) and freaking out; to that last time and being too caught up in Eucalypt ending to care, but still there’s nothing quite as stirring and triggering in music as when this song enters 3/4 one and three-quarter minutes in.

I love it when bands come back. It makes it seem like we’re worth it. Not that we need that kind of validation, more that the distance, cost, effort, everything involved in coming over here was not some horrible waste of time for the band. Those Off Minor tours were extremely important things. I just wish i could have thought of a question to ask them.

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