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Sunday, June 2nd:
Loveable – Kim Jong Kook

Monday, June 3rd:
50th and Bay – Dirt Bike Annie

Tuesday, June 4th:
Aishu no carnaval – Kawai Sonoko


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Loveable – Kim Jong Kook

I’ve been rewatching all the early Running Man episodes recently and it will probably be all i do until university starts again. It’s very evident given the songs i’ve posted recently. I love it so much, even more so now i’ve been to Korea. With each episode taking place at a different landmark, it’s the greatest tourism promotion device ever. It should, as with the drama filming locations, be put into brochures by the K.T.O. Tours should be constructed around the show. Screaming at the screen “I’ve been there!” never gets old, especially as someone who’s never been anywhere.

Kim Jong Kook is one of the Running Men/People and this is a song of his. Surprisingly, considering his physique and general manliness, he sings as sweetly and as highly-registered as this. I guess there is a reason the female guests and civilians caught up in the show act all wobbly kneed, no matter how much i don’t get it.

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