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Melodies Haunt You

Melodies haunt you – Dodgy

Gah! Remember this song? Remember this band?! No one does. Maybe their terrible name has something to do with it. I had completely forgotten about them until i recently began listening to archived episodes of Chris Morris’ radio shows he did for the BBC. Nice little time capsules, they are. 1994. It seemed like he played this song every week. This and Regulate. You can find the shows (i think still) at http://www.cookdandbombd.co.uk/. Highly recommended, for hilarity and music both.

I thought the singer of this band was something of a dreamboat when i was the age i was in 1994. It seems ridiculous now, while making complete sense at the same time. It was a different world back then. That long-haired, brooding, pouty, chest exposed, head down, arms in a swagger, walking like you treading on things is some event of monumental significance package was the look back then. I thought if i could one day achieve it, and adapt it accordingly and anticipatively to fashion, everything else would fall in place. Yeah… Hope, potential. Remember them?

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