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It all comes to a point – Plea of Insanity

This is my rose-coloured time in Australian hardcore. My entry point, my first shows, my awe, my “yes, this is it! I want to be here”. Bands like Plea of Insanity, Far Left Limit, Conation, Bjelke-Petersen Youth, Deadstare, Dying Breed, Syndicate, Three Found Dead, etc. Shows at Hornsby PCYC and Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. It was a really good time for this music, and the best time i could hope for to be as ready and susceptible for it as i was.

Though i had no involvement beyond a body and a set of ears, and it would take me six more years to be anything beyond that, and perhaps an actual better time for everything has been in the last few years, it was perhaps better for me that i was so much at the periphery (more-so). From there, with bands, their songs, what they said between those songs, and a few zines my only absorptive hallmark of the scene, there was nothing i did not to want to align myself with.

When a band like Plea of Insanity play in front of a boy at the back of that wide semi-circle surrounding the band, who, though with a limited sense of what hardcore is and how it operates, is really unprepared for how much he is going to be affected and swept away by an altogether dismissed and undervalued band. When he sees their youth, their fervour, hears what they’re saying, sees them rolling around on the floor, the crowd, those that are involved and how easily the seem to have become involved. When he buys their CD, booklet printed on post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink, a comb-binded zine accompanying it, reading lyrics, their effort, their objective. When Plea of Insanity (and this whole scene really) came to me it really was the most incredible, inspiring and welcome thing that could have happened to me, and sent me to the furthest point from jaded i have ever been.

And their website still exists in cgi-bin form! With all the single photoshop filtered pictures you could want.

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