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No Way

No way – Doughboys

I didn’t buy Home Again yesterday for i did not leave the house. I have confidence, Sydney being the city it is, it will be waiting for me there next time, so i’m in no despair yet. I did find out some things about Doughboy though. Like they were Canadian. Who knew? Many. They were signed to a major record label in that dollar-hungry sweep of punk bands in the early 90’s. And they reformed last year in that sweep of old bands reforming last year, and from the video footage were as incredible as i imagine they always were. Those that could keep their dreadlocks did.

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Numbered Days

Numbered days – Doughboys

This album has been in Egg Records for years and if it’s still there tomorrow i am going to buy it. It has become necessary to me. I must have it in my life. For the longest time the Doughboys existed to me unlistened and grouped amongst those late 80’s, early 90’s bands who weren’t All, but those bands who aren’t All are very much still like All, with similar and new pleasures to be gained. With enough time and enough “YES!” elation they eventually become each their own distinctive band and make you wonder what you were thinking lumping them as All imitators in the first place and estimating them paler and dispensable. There was certainly a sound back then. The Doughboys might be the best of the lot. I need this record.

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