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Sunny sundae smile – My Bloody Valentine

Let’s fall in love. It’s exciting.” My Bloody Valentine rule. I like so much that they were once like this. I prefer this era as well, surprise surprise. An embarrassing, covered up, twee past that is never celebrated or enshrined in music lists. Eat it, people who won’t ever go back to here because of exactly what here is. And this sentiment and view always remained, just obscured more and more by noise, reverse reverb and tremolo, made palatable and revered because it is easy to ignore and concentrate on those big guitars.

Yes, yes, the lyrics are probably dirty, but they need not be read that way. Yet they are forcefully interpreted so. Why can’t a song exist naively? Smartalecky “aww man you know this song’s really about ______” serves nothing but the reinforcement of what music has bloated itself on since those first men figured how egregiously and self-servingly hedonistic and sexist they could set the rock lifestyle standard.

Needing to filter love songs with subtexts of drugs, sex, violence, etc. is a need to turn the shameful feminine to masculine and therefore right and appealing. It further denigrates a very real yet suppressed approach to and want of love. Falling in love is exciting, and it is something people should let do. To state it barely is an insurgent counterattack.

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I Only Said

I only said – My Bloody Valentine

Yes! It finally happened! I finally have a My Bloody Valentine song in my head! This is not a celebration of their music and rapture that i get to impart it to the world in my own special way, but rather it’s a celebration of the credibility it gives me, and the fact that after all this time i actually have discerned into my head an actual song of theirs, being clueless and heedless for so long. Every time someone has played them for me, they have been used in a movie, or i’ve sat down with intent to listen to them, all attention payed, nothing has stuck, and i could not sing/play/tell you a My Bloody Valentine song under the most severe of peer integrity tests.

It finally happened. I am on my way. I do like this band a lot, behind the whole world by about five+ years with it. Not for the lack of trying. This is a huge step for me, though i still had to look the song up to see what the title was. Things are becoming concrete. I have to watch Lost In Translation again to see if i can this time actually pick the My Bloody Valentine songs. I still prefer the You Made Me Realise EP to this pinnacle of their output, but that’s just me. I think i’ve demonstrated more than enough who “just me” is.

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