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Harcourt Public School song

If i wake up at the wrong time or am woken by this, it is going to overwrite whatever song i should be posting here. I’ve still no recording of this song. I could make one easily by just sticking a microphone out my window. Or go and ask them for a copy. And if their basketball courts are available after hours. I see people but i just don’t know. Maybe they’re the cleaners’ children or something.


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Harcourt Public School song

Is today’s song. It’s not really a song, but the sound of the school’s bell which, through a reach for modernness or whatever, is a ~20 second guitar piece. Maybe all schools are like this now. Anyway, you can hear it very clearly from my new house at it’s regular intervals throughout the day. Even on Saturdays, which concerns me. The first few times i heard it i thought it was someone nearby practicing their guitar, but they kept playing the same thing over again, for twenty seconds at a time, and i eventually said “Oh…” I don’t have an mp3 of it, but i can tell this will not be the only time this song will appear here so maybe i’ll go over one day and ask for one.

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Japanese whale meat commercial – R.E.M.

Not really. This is Chris Morris on an episode of his radio programme he did for Radio 1 in 1994. Funny guy. Even though i knew who i was listening to, the context set, i still feel like kind of an idiot for believing it real those moments i did. You got me. I’m sure i’m not the only one. It is just so note-perfect in its parody. It has every hallmark of a 90’s R.E.M. song save a mandolin, and the best Michael Stipe impersonation i’ve ever heard. That echo on “Cut-a cut it’s blubber up” – perfect.

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nothing – no one

There was nothing there. Just nothing. Maybe i’m broken. Scanning my brain like a radio trying to find a signal, a song, and nothing. And there would be nothing in there for some time after i got up, but that was probably just due to me trying so hard to put something in there. It feels dishonest to invent a song for today so let’s just leave it without one

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Cook’d and Bom’d theme

If you’ve ever downloaded anything from the Cook’d and Bom’b Chris Morris archive, the bumper music that’s placed before (or after. I can’t remember) most of the shows with the arpeggiated guitar run through some effect is what i have in my head this morning. If you have never downloaded anything from there, get to it. I have no idea who it is by. I’m sure it’s a sample from an actual song that i don’t recognise through ignorance.

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Go tell it on the mountain – Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer and members of the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party

…at about 5:47…

I’m currently working my way though Eyes on the Prize (you can too). It’s one of the best, informative, enriching, and vivid history documentary series i’ve ever seen, affirming that history is best told by those who lived through it.

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An sleep-invented song – A sleep-invented Czechoslovakian band

Yes, i know Czechoslovakia is no longer, but i’ve been watching The Lost World of Communism and i’m up to the Czechoslovakia episode, awaiting the time i can watch it with such eagerness that it has seeped into my dreams. Last night my un/subconscious offered up vividly the most unlikely scenario of what this next episode could be, for a country i have an unexplainable (or readily explainable) fascination for.

This girl is terrible at gymnastics so she is sent to Siberia. She is freed and, with the assistance of some time rip, she reappears, unaged, in the 80’s and becomes the singer of a punk rock band. She has developed a Diane Lane in the Fabulous Stains like following, adopting a persona that superficially seemed like Cracky Chan wearing a woolen hat. And she and her band took to the stage in my dream and began their hit song: “SUPER! [whatever her name was]! ROCK’N’ROLL!” Voice of a generation. And then i woke up with the song still in my head.

It’s quite possible i just inserted an existing song into this dream, but i like to ink i’m at least creative someplace. It’s a good series, and it’s available on the internet in various places. History books are also things that exist.

mauvais sang

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