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Be My Love

Be my love – Clazziquai

Clazziquai or the Clazziquai Project are apparently a long running, very esteemed, catalytic electronic trio from South Korea, but i wouldn’t know anything about that because the only two songs i know of theirs are from the drama OST to My Name Is Kim Sam-soon and i can’t imagine liking them outside of that context. I may stand to be corrected, but i’m not going to be corrected on my own volition. This song has sampled horse whinnys.

My Name Is Kim Sam-soon was the first drama i watched on personal recommendation and while i liked it a lot, it could be very infuriating. The best moments of it were some of the greatest television moments i’ve seen. Those moments of her by herself, talking to herself about her wants and disappointments, gaining strength and resolution, swinging between happy and sad contentment, baking, talking to her sister or her dead father, dancing – those parts. But those other jerk people in her life – her boss/romantic interest, his ex-girlfriend, etc. – as they came into her life and shook her out of that strength, sapping her and the show of everything great about it, made it hard to watch.

It couldn’t settle on tone. And then i think of those shitty scenes and how we were meant to celebrate them, and how they were probably very much celebrated (this show was incredibly popular. More than half the country watched the last episode) and i don’t know. The show seems to straddle a line between the new and the old (as if this old will ever go away) in Korean dramas. So while we were given this incredible heroine, she was set in this world where her emotions and desires could not exist outrightly, tied to and gazed from a callous, conceited, infantile, though rich and therefore desirable, man, and a society that determines that as right and she as lucky for this ever happening to someone like her in the first place. And it’s such a pity. The heights this show reached. The food!

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