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Thunderbirds are coming out – TISM

I never liked TISM. People who like things like The Glasshouse, Machine Gun Fellatio and university revues liked TISM. However, the video for this song is a thing of genius. A single three and a half minute tracking shot of however many more-interesting Melbourne bands you can fit into a three and a half minute tracking shot, each miming to this song as the camera passes.

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Emily – Allo, Darlin’

Even though i’m sure the timelines don’t match up between the release of this song and the event, i like to think that this song is about Emily from Betty and the Werewolves taking over Elizabeth from Allo, Darlin”s job playing guitar in Tender Trap – Tender Trap being the boyfriend, and those various markers of adequate tweeness listed the qualities one should possess if one should want to be in a band like Tender Trap. Otherwise it’s kind of lame (competition, male gaze and sought approval, etc.).

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You’ve got the best of my love – The Emotions

I had the fortune to hear this song played on the radio on 2SER during the minute window it takes to drive to work (rainy days/when i’m late). It was so fantastic to hear, to have it and all its accompanying joy delivered over airwaves at that most joyless of times. I took the long way to let it play through. I wish i hadn’t.

The song finished. The moment was over. The presenter came on to back-announce it. Me still in the carpark in such grateful bliss waited for them to speak, to have another to share the moment with. He spoke. He apologised. Laughing, “I’m sorry. That was the Emotions. It doesn’t hurt to get a bit cheesy now and then. It won’t happen again.” etc. That was the gist. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I thought we as people had come a way. I thought we were at the point where we were finally recognising things on their own merits. I thought we were done with kitsch and now were finally appreciating the craft, legacy, and above all the power of all art, whether “disposable” or not. But no! The only way we can enjoy or excuse our enjoyment of things outside our little cultured spheres remains with ironic detachment. Fuck that.

I have no time for people like this. They may have actually liked the song and played it for that reason, but to wipe away accountability like that, to distance themselves LEST SOMEONE FIND OUT, is cowardly. It is bowing to a larger intolerance (derived from larger still bigotries) that surrounds “lesser” arts (those uncool, non-white heterosexual male ones. We’re against that, right?). He could have stuck up for it – stuck up for himself, stuck up for that little glimmer of elation inside him that this song brings. He didn’t. He laughed it off. He laughed all i had just received from it off.

Why do we let it continue? It needs to stop. End irony now.

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I wouldn’t know what to do – The Honeydrips

This is such a wonderful song. The Honeydrips is Mikael from Dorotea’s post-Dorotea solo venture so of course it is great and of course i love it. It is not quite Dorotea for me – the songs are about four times as long, less political, more recognisably “good” and pleasant – but it is nice to have more out there from such a fantastic songwriter. Now that he has decided to end the Honeydrips, we need his next thing. It probably already exists. I just haven’t found it yet.

I think the Honeydrips might have actually been a successful act in Sweden. At least moderately so. I have no idea how to tell. It’s just every time i’ve gone searching for information on Dorotea what i have found has been framed in its juvenilic relation to the Honeydrips.

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So Jealous

So jealous – Tegan and Sara

There are a lot of people at my work who like Tegan and Sara. It might be only three or four if measured, but it’s a number, and it’s at my work. I know they like them because they wear Tegan and Sara merchandise when not in uniform. Not by talking to them about the band. That probably means they have seen them live – something i’ve still never done. Other people’s ease. And work just called me in early…

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The Instrumental

The instrumental – The June Brides

As well as yesterday recognising the correctness of my assertion that this is among the five best side one track ones in all music, the more astute of you may have figured out that this song is in fact not an instrumental at all. Those wily June Brides.

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The Instrumental

The instrumental – The June Brides

In the movie High Fidelity there is a scene where one of the people is tasked to list his top 5 side 1: track 1s. I can’t remember what was on it but i remember clearly that it was a very boring list, reflecting one of two things: The lack of imagination and limited scope these (fictional) people bring to their grand discussions of music; or that maybe that this banality and veneration of the same old things reflected everywhere is actually wrought out and academically correct, and it is my failing not to recognise them as so.

Anyway, track number one on side number one of the June Brides’ album There Are Eight Million Stories is this song – The Instrumental. It is a song if i were myself to make such a list, to replace their rectitude and legitimacy of music appreciation with my own, i would have to have included. And to round it to the number five, i’d also include Anonymous Descriptions Of Uncontrolable Urges by the Hated, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel by Talking Heads, Plastic Bomb by Poison Idea, and another that i will have to think about. Lists. I’m right.

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Taste – Ride

This song is a blast to play on the drums and because i feel in one of these slumps recently have a video of Mr. Everything-i’m-not doing that exact thing.

The hair, the clothes, the belt, the posture, the not-falling-apart drum kit, the non-cracked cymbals, the technique, the probably transcribed and replicated perfectly playing, the friends and ease of social life i’m sure he enjoys. Woe. Sigh.

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Million Tears

Million tears – The Pastels

? and the Mysterians sang of 96 tears, an oddly specific number that carries in its specificity that those tears were indeed real, tallied, felt, cried. The Pastels in 1984 raised the lachrymatorial ante: One million tears. Who’s to say that number is any less calculated than the Mysterians’? Is one million such an outrageous number? It is such a go-to hyperbolic number, but it is as likely to be a precise measurement as any. Time, significance, personal propensity for crying could all push the number of tears as high as a situation warrants.

So if Stephen says one million tears, one million tears it is. I believe it completely within the realm of a blubbering reality. The next time i cry i’ll be sure to keep count.

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That Girl

That girl – Tender Trap

It’s because it is different and not just a facsimile of their earlier bands that i haven’t latched on to Tender Trap (and Marine Research) as much as i should have. Their most recent album is somewhat more of the gratifying, easy, congenial facsimile i need, but still i have a ways to go in becoming a Tender Trap fan. Maybe in divorcing this active, now project of Amelia and Rob’s from their past that i cherish so, setting it on it’s own, with its own purpose and its own reward, is the way. Knowing it exists and knowing they are still active in this pop game – that’s something. I could actually see Tender Trap live. That’s something as well.

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