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Caught Somewhere In Time

Caught somewhere in time – Iron Maiden

Dammit! I listened to Grass Widow all last night to some shameful hour to try and subliminate/force one of their songs into my head, all so i could write here today with such joy and confidence before the year had ended that their album was the best thing released in 2010, and along comes Iron Maiden. Well… anyway… Past Times was the best record released this year. there.

I’d like to be caught somewhere in time. Like right now so i don’t have to deal with the disgrace of another New Year’s Eve spent at home like a loser. It really is the loneliest holiday. Christmas spent alone, at least in some cases, has this glimmer of romanticism or defiance. Humbug is a badge of honour. At least you can shrug off “so what did you for Christmas?” sympathetically and not have your embarrassing popularity level revealed through it. Oh well. Maybe next year. I did try. A little. So… I finish work at 9:30 tonight, and yup i’m free after that.

Or caught forever in this song. For it to never end, intro riff to verse to chorus to verse to guitar bit to “caught somewhere in ti-i-i-i-ime” to the solos to everything, over and over again. One of their best. Iron Maiden songs are measured by how much they make you go “yes! YES! YESSS!!!!!!!” as awesome part follows awesome part. This is probably just below Hallowed Be Thy Name on that scale.

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Train – Lagwagon

This song and this album, and Double Plaidinum before it, are forever linked for me to a tape Adrian made for me so, so long ago. The two albums on each side of a D-90 with select filler songs to run out the tape. I know this is a cliche thing to say, but i wore that tape out like no other. I still have it, unplayable, sellotape patches to make it last just that extra bit more than it should have. We traded tapes all the time: He from actual CD’s and me from bits of Rage and Recovery i’d tape the audio from because i had no CD’s. Gifts. Gifts for friends.

Because i live in perpetual nostalgia, ever looking back, ever aware of once wases and things lost, i decided to recreate the tape myself recently. Just those two albums back to back burnt to CD. I still really like them, which surprised me, not having heard them in ten years and developing certain strong prejudices over that time. It’s probably more all it swells up for me. Yeah… I guarantee Adrian isn’t compiling CD’s of… whatever i put on those tapes for him. I can’t remember. Cool.

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Who are you playing for? – What Happens Next?

I know my view of this skewed nerdly, but i can’t believe how much live music is still dictated by, funneled through and reliant on licensed venues. When wonderful example after wonderful example have been set as alternatives to this bottle feeding, why is it every non-punk thing i go to is still held in some age-restricted, unsupportive dive. I know there’s money involved, and money expected from band and promoters both, and infrastructure and patterns of practice all laid out, but… jeez… Break free from this, show some amount of imagination, of care! There are many reasons why, but at their sum is just plainly things are better without. Duh.

Simple fact of the matter is that if you play an age-limit show, you’re letting the alcohol industry discriminate against people that are too young to purchase their product. I don’t want to exclude anyone from the opportunity of enjoying our music. How can you be playing for the kids if the kids can’t see you play?

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Merry Fucking Christmas

Merry fucking Christmas – Mr. Garrison

I haven’t seen South Park in so long. I haven’t felt the need to see South Park in so long. Somewhere along the way, when i realised i was laughing maybe twice an episode, it became disposable, and frustrating. Jokes from lazy, stilted, evasive, hindering social and political commentary; from petty, offensive caricatures; from poop and sexuality. I liked a lot of stupid things in high school. I think it is still being made. I’m sure people in high school still exist for it.

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Linda Linda

Linda Linda – Paranmaum

Last night we watched Linda Linda Linda, so how could i not have this song stuck in my head. It really is such a perfect movie, so sweet, so understated, and perfectly captures what it’s like to be in a band, especially in high school. How tuning takes up half the soundtrack, the what to do now silence that happens after playing through a song, the importance it takes on in your life, the nerves, being terrible, being ok, that wonderful, wonderful feeling making noise with your friends gives you.

This is a cover, as with everything the girls played, of a song by the Blue Hearts (Paranmaum being Blue Hearts translated into Korean). I guess maybe it is because i heard both versions at the same time and the original holds no significance for me, but this is the better version. And maybe it’s also because i spent two hours with these girls last night, seeing what this all meant for them, that i like it more. And, yeah, also because it fits an ideal more as to what i want in and from a band.

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Love Goes On

Love goes on – The Go-Betweens

Maybe it’s the circles i run in, and the pitiful amount of time i spend socially in any circle, but i’ve never heard anyone refer to the person they kiss a lot as their “lover”. I know this song was released in 1988, but does it still happen? Is “lover” the proper pet name to use in sophisticated company, and the use of any other epithet grounds to shun further? Something tells me it might be. If i’m out of touch on everything, those things that seem most ridiculous and pretentious are inevitably those most in vogue. It just seems so ridiculous. Lovers… Oooooh, lovers… My lover and i… I throw my hands up at this world sometimes.

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Cherry Outline

Cherry outline – Pet Milk

Merry Christmas. This is the Christmas song. One of the songs of the year for me, by one of the year’s most exciting new bands. And as with the rest of my presents, my girlfriend says, i’m still waiting for their tape in the mail. Can’t wait (even though i payed through the nose for it).

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