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Are These Our Lives?

Are these our lives? – Trial

“The distorted promise of a free exchange haunts us through the debts we pay to the alliances which turn me against those around me and against myself. Generation after generation enduring apocalyptic visions in individual private hells with bodies weak and minds distorted with nothing left to sell, while the masters of the new fuedal age drink to satisfy an unquenchable thirst, gulping our blood, our sweat…
…and spit back LIIIIIIEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!”

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War By Other Means

War by other means – Trial

I think i grew up at the right point, and avoided for the most part hardcore’s fascination with and mandatory injection of the breakdown. Boy, did it ever become a formula. It’s something for people to latch on to, i guess. And, besides prayer/honour/offering, dancing being the chief purpose of music, it’s something to shake your bon bon to. A very routine form of bon bon shaking, for a very certain type of bon bon shaker. Boy, did that ever become a formula. Anyway, breakdowns kind of make sense when then they’re as propellant as this song’s. It’s just a shame they became a ritual for morons. You know what i mean.

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One Step Away

One step away – Trial

It’s thanks to Selfish Pete (does he even go by that now? I don’t know. Distance through internet handles) that i got into Trial. Without his advocacy and certificate of approval i probably would have overlooked them, being really neither into Equal Vision or crimethinc level hardcore and those camps. For some reason i have payed some overdue attention to bands more on the EVR end of that spectrum recently. I have no idea why, maybe growing up, maybe it’s time. Maybe no one will catch me out. There is something about Trial though that have always distanced them and put them on a level i could appreciate.

It’s with some disrepute that i report i have the lyric sheet-less, Equal Vision records, “our band has never seen a dime!” release of this record. The band, understandably, and thankfully, want complete accessibility to their lyrics, so as per their wish, uh… here you go. Now i feel i have to to that with every song. I should probably read them, seeing as still after all this time i have no idea what most of the words are. Great record. It seems entirely appropriate and befitting the views and wishes of so many that they were dicked around by Equal Vision. I could probably do without Mechwarrior/Command and Conquer string sections though.

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