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Used For Glue

Used for glue – Rival Schools

I couldn’t even remember who this song was by, if ever i learned so in the first place, but i could play the whole thing through, note for note, mentally. I ran through every major post-hardcore band i could think of, watching their videos on youtube, until i found it. And i found it and it’s Used For Glue by Rival Schools. A good song. I sometimes wonder where i’d be in life if i weren’t such a prude and relented to bands like Rival Schools, Sparta, At the Drive-In, Far, Thursday, Minus the Bear, Coheed and Cambria, and other bands i lump in my “everybody listens to these bands, so why bother actively listening to them – someone will expose me to them eventually” group. I wonder… At parties, well dressed, leading a lifestyle like that exhibited in this song’s video, with all the cultural touchstones needed ingrained allowing me to participate and move freely in that strange world. Maybe a tattoo as well.

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