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Yesterday, 31DEC2013: Silent scream – Slayer

Today, 01JAN2014: Absolutely cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields

This is where i will leave it, and i guess it’s two appropriate songs to leave on. Though do i wish i could have filled the conspicuous absence of any Minutemen, Sleater-Kinney or Fugazi songs before i had finished. My three favourite bands (even though they’ve held that title unrevised for nearly fifteen years now) and not a single song by them in the four and a half years i’ve been throwing this crap out into the internet ether. It began as a writing exercise and it fulfilled that, and once upon a time and on occasion i wrote some ok stuff. But that ok stuff has been a rare thing recently and mostly i just wish i was doing something else. I’m a terribly slow writer and writing these would often take more hours (yeah.. hours…) than they were worth. I’m sure i won’t do anything better with my new free time but at least i’ll have it. If you somehow have stumbled upon this thing over the years searching for Lorde and LMFAO mp3’s or if you know me and have been following in secret, thanks for reading my out of touch, squeezing blood from a stone, quantifiably wrong music opinions. I’m sorry i will no longer be able to tell you which 80’s J-pop group i’m now in love with. My favourite album of last years was the Joanna Gruesome one. The best movie was Stray Dogs except i haven’t seen it yet. Prayers for life improvement in the coming year are welcome. Thank you.

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Christmas Eve: Koi suru fortune cookie – AKB48

Christmas Day: Merry X’mas for you – Onyanko Club

Finally, an actual Christmas song falls on Christmas Day. It’s probably not that worth celebrating. We listened to it while opening presents because i’m a huge bully and it’s the only Christmas record i own apart from the Phil Spector one. Credibility lies with that over this, but i’m too far below credibility to be any other way.

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Yesterday: I think i need a new heart – The Magnetic Fields

Today: Assault on Precinct 13 main theme – John Carpenter

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Yesterday: Ano Natsu no bike – Kokusho Sayuri

Today: Mine – Taylor Swift

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As usual i’ve missed a few days through work and such. What a busy, fulfilling life.

Tuesday, December 3rd: Run for help – The Chinkees

Wednesday, December 4th: Toho picture – Xeno and Oaklander

Thursday, December 5th: Don’t you want me – The Human League

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Yesterday: Different kind of girl – The Beat

Today: Yesterday: With you – The Blue

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Yesterday: No – The Automatics

Today: Bombtrack – Rage Against the Machine

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Yesterday: With you – The Blue

Today: Daddy long legs – Tumbleweed


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I’m getting really bad at finding the time for this. Good songs though.

Tuesday, November 5th: Jenny – I Love JH

Wednesday, November 6th: Benedict – Universal Order of Armageddon

Thursday, November 6th: Honey White – Morphine

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Today: Pain – Die Kreuzen

Yesterday: Mugo n Iroppoi – Kudo Shizuka

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