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Trapeze – Lou Christie

Well this song is great! It turns out this song was in Before Sunrise but it has been so long since i’ve seen it i couldn’t tell you when or in what capacity. To be a dreamy girl in the early to mid 90s, i wonder how many lost, simple, mopey manchildren who want nothing more to get their goatees near me i would have to suffer, pretending to be hip to be hip to me and using every artistic, philosophical and intellectual shorthand to do so. I wonder how many i would have to suffer if i were an analogue of that dreamy girl to this day and age.

At least now goatees aren’t so much now in vogue. There are all sorts of unfortunate piercings and tattoos around now – things that you can’t simply coerce someone to shave off. I’m scratching my head as to what other things people adorn themselves with. A measure to how much i am in touch. Sneakers. Beards! Thick, full, measurement of one’s wholeheartedness: Beards! Oh my. A goatee just became preferable facial decoration. There are good reasons why i am so alone.

Here’s another. As i can’t remember this song in the movie, i attach its use and presence to Julie Delpy’s character. It is her song. I deny it to Ethan Hawke – memory of it, trajectory of it, appreciation of it. This is the kind of thing alien to him, repulsive to him, until it is made vital and is galvanised as a direct and salient link to her affection, heart, pants. It gains an importance, an indispensability. One’s indifference and repulsion is resigned in place of enthusiasm as this is a ticket (one of many) to an uncomplicated, unhindered, accommodating courtship, you ticking every box as they are layed out. Pretenses aren’t all that hard to keep up. Fooling people is simple if you’re given all the clues. Being agreeable is easy if all you have to do is agree. I am so wrong. Jealous as well, probably. This was not Before Sunrise. This is my own experience and prejudice exposing itself. This is me remembering Ethan Hawke was also that guy in Reality Bites. I really liked Before Sunrise, i remember. I really like this song. Why do i tamper such things with words.

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