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Dreaming – Seapony

One of the best records of last year for me, which may just mean one of the more formula fitting and personal-want-of-music gratifying records. I should make a list, as everyone else dutifully has, of such records, all of them revealing more about myself, my scope and that want rather than the quality of the music within. How people keep up with all this is beyond me.

I almost missed it. Seapony seemed to bypass every marker and point of entrance – every grass root – i’m used to finding this music through. They seem to have come from that other world: Reputable music blogs, correct geography, trend hopping, music showcases, boutique record labels and their funny ways (six pounds i paid for this!), etc. But it’s so wonderful. So wonderful. I can ignore and swallow whatever imagined stigma i’ve placed upon it. I know i’m probably wrong. It’s just how i found it. At least i found it.

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