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By My Side

By my side – Dorotea

Then there are songs where the listening experience is totally mine, with no authoritative mp3 to tell me how wrong that experience is. I think the only way mp3’s from the Dorotea EP’s will ever appear on the internet so i can post them here for demonstration purposes is if i rip them myself. As much as it would be a benevolent thing to let people in on Dorotea and give them the chance to listen to their music, because i think the records are now long out of print, i’m not going to ever get around to do that. I’m sorry. I believe you’re really missing out by not being able to hear them though, because they are so good. The best. Keeping to a moment of blindness and cursory examination of bands that aren’t Dorotea i’m going to declare them my favourite band of the last decade.

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I just don’t know what to do – Dorotea

I think i’ve posted this video before but i will do so again because it is so great. Everything.

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My guilty conscience – Dorotea

Guitar: check.
Drum machine: check.
Microphone: check.
Enough ideas to carry songs 30 seconds to one minute: check.
This year. This year. I’m determined. Watch and see how bad it is.

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Friday 6/1: One transmission – Jejune

Saturday 7/1: Kiss me if you love me – Dorotea

Sunday 8/1: Why are you being like this? – T-ara

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Pack Some Heat

Pack some heat – Dorotea

This is one of those no thrills/frills, no chorus songs, in the grand tradition of… (wrack…wrack…wrack…) ….i can’t for now think of any other examples. But they exist and this of that archetype. Great model, great song. If anyone can identify the sample that’s played during the middle bit, and it not ending up being from something crummy like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, it would be greatly appreciated.

edit: it’s from Meantime duh.

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I just don’t know what to do – Dorotea

Aaaarrrrggggh i love this band so much. And how it all – perfect melody, the wash of guitars, great lyrics – is slaved and driven relentlessly along by a drum machine. It’s a perfect combination, and i don’t know why anyone bothers with drummers at all*.

* Semi-decent drummer desperately available for work. For anything really, but something similar to the music posted here would be a plus. And if he doesn’t have to write any of the songs, that’s another plus. Contact me through here, or email: fire.as.a.metaphor@gmail.com. I have a car!

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Decent – Dorotea

Dorotea again. This song is on the same EP as yesterday’s – the first song on the first side in fact. A great, great band from far, far away. Once again i have no mp3, but i did manage to find a video of them performing this song live, with only a few seconds shaved from the beginning, and that will do. It was an exciting find. For me…

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