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I’ve got a hermit crab up my cunt – Service Station Youth

Yes. Well. Ahem. Cough. Yes. Hmmm. Service Station Youth were an amazing (to me) side project of Talkshow Boy’s and a couple of other people of probable equal importance early last decade. I think i received them under the premise of Le Tigre crossed with Heroin, but people write anything under that influences section. I’m not sure what else they did (if anything), or even if they played live, but their demo was my life back then. In theory. I had the hanging out at service stations thing down (though i’m sure they were less glamourous, less urban, less all-night service stations), but the rest – the gang, the cool, the drugs, the alcohol, the impudence – alluded me. So i guess i liked Service Station Youth so much for aspirational reasons. I will never be cool.

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