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What’s Happening

What’s happening – The Jasmine Minks

I’d like to know what’s happening. This string of Jasmine Minks songs will forever remind me of my wordpress problems. Maybe they are a curse. Nothing’s loading, it’s just basic HTML, nothing else. It’s hard to write these things blindly. Is anyone else having this problem? This is the least important thing happening in the world at the moment, in a time of very important things. Still, it’s all i do, so it’s annoying.

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Think – The Jasmine Minks

Jasmine Minks
Tropic Club, 27-2-86
“FUCKING ATTITUDE!” almost SCREAMED as “THINK!” shifts into SPONTANEOUS HAPPENING waters… “2 years ago” they said, CHRIST — brings it home, 2 fucking years of BRILLIANCE ignored, but finally a revitailised trumpet-powered Jasmines make it to Bristol…
Disturbing Peel Session… &_#189; hearted stabs at “Forever Changes” is NOT the Jasmines I want to know… but LIVE it made all sense, sheer single-minded AGGRESSION and SNARL undimmed, these animals are DANGEROUS, i kept well back, kept my fists CLENCHED…fucking ATTITUDE…”Forever Changes”? Guitar doodles, fluffy tunes, FLUFFIER WORDS? FORGET IT!!! ROCK is dead, BURIED, don’t DARE fuck around with that CORPSE, this is INSPIRATION stripped BARE, seething searing PURE fired POW! POW! POW! through raging guitars… at last committed to vinyl and i mean COMMITTED…INSPIRATION wrenched smouldering into tunes most bands would die for, POWER they’d run from…
Yeah at last the gorgeous ‘Cold Hands’ emerges as a single, LP-of-the-year to follow, title track “Everybody’s Got To Grow Up” another spire-dreaming tune-drenched CLASSIC, NOTHING’s been lost, those Peel tracks jobbed’n’kicked, thoughts that breathe and words that BURN, there’s a new SPACE in their songs, less bluster, more DEPTH, even the old songs, EG “Like You”, glittering, punching, soaring, urging… TREMBLE as you take these records from their sleeves… “Strange Town”, “Going Underground”, “When You’re Young”… and the Jasmines are only just beginning… MOVE ON UP!!!… a thundering “Forces Network” — “My attitudes have changed, they’ve grown much harder, harder than they’ve ever been before…” ….FUCKING ATTITUDE!!!!
“Think!” was extraordinary, brass added, suddenly veering into a rifle-range of guitar noise… THINK!.. THINK!… THINK!… desperate, impassioned… yeah, but do think — you don’t need all that guitar excess, EVERYBODY does it these days — EVERYBODY WITHOUT IMAGINATION — don’t sell yourselves SHORT, we could’ve had a “World’s No Place”, an “All Fall Down”, an… oh fuck, you’ve got the songs, bloody USE THEM!! Take on the WORLD, leave it fucked-up and beaten in some dark alleyway, give it what it deserves…
Oh yeah, they said “punk-rock” twice.

I wish i could write like that. It’s from the second issue of Matt Haynes’ zine Are You Scared To Get Happy? A live review of a Jasmine Minks show come internal monologue of life affirmation, of life-saving through music, and the nears and fars of it. I could write like this. I feel this. It’s two things…

1) How corny this passion, devotion and imperative urgency is made to seem these days.

and 2) How i don’t feel myself on the battlefield Matt Hayne’s and others in that glory day of fanzines found themselves on. I don’t have anything worth fighting for. Like everyone nowdays, i can pick, choose and saturate myself with music from any era, from any genre, from any scene, from any intention, wipe away its context, its history, its position, listen to it, have it be mine for that moment and be satisfied. There is no evil i can’t run away from, that i need one band or a rumbling of bands to save me from. I have it too good. We all do.

There a things i don’t like about music these days. A lot of things. But they are not my things, so what is the point of kicking against it when i can go to more copacetic and affecting places? There is Pitchfork and other hegemonic taste providers who do boost a single force of proper music, whose anathema i could certainly use and look like an idiot who cares too much by making impassioned arguments against it. But, again, there are elsewheres. It is so splintered, so vast, with such access to it that it doesn’t make sense to worry and reproach crimes against music; against the underground.

It was all underground music back then, on a very small island, and it was something very much worth treating ardently and fighting for. I will never, ever know what it was like to not know if something good would ever come again, if threats won’t be overcome, because something will, or already has, and i will find it, it will be delivered to me.

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Cold Heart

Cold heart – The Jasmine Minks

Is wordpress as screwed up for anyone else as it is for me? Can you even see this?! I’m typing blind here. Anyway…

It’s late. Nothing’s working. I’ll make this quick. Cold heart by the excellent Jasmine Minks is today’s song. It is not their best, yet if a Jasmine Minks song ever pops up on a compilation or mix intending to represent a certain genre, it’s always this one. There’s something direct, amiable and affective about it and i guess that is why. It’s still a great song. It’s just they wrote more than one. If you can find either of their first two LP’s or any of their early Creation singles, they are really quite very good and i say get ’em. A small group of forsaken yet delighted and content music nerds will think you cool.

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