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This song is about you – Jane vs. World

née Go Betsy. This song isn’t that good. The band isn’t perfect either. They come from my long history of taking what i can get in contemporary Australian indie pop music, yet none of it ever fitting as well as i’d like. It’s always too much coming from the wrong direction, the wrong influences, too much from incohesive scenes to actually build anything from, too cool, too Melbourne. But this is all we get. I don’t want to denounce people’s efforts, especially when my own are (still, probably forever. Give up life) non-existent, nor use this band’s song as the platform to do so, but why can’t good, well-influenced, well-directed bands exist here like they do in seemingly all other parts of the world? Does anyone want to start one? Or show me where they are hidden? There are some, but wading through the crud to find them is a discouraging thing.

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Yesterday: With you – The Blue

Today: Daddy long legs – Tumbleweed


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I’ll be fine – Amateur Drunks

Good show last night yes quite good. We haven’t had a pop punk band this great since… i don’t know, the 90’s. Believe me, i’ve been waiting. And now they have an album, it’s excellent, Edo’s voice is as fantastic, clumsy yet on, and so much his as it is live, and maybe now with it they have the product to reach the wacks who all found out at the same time that guitar pop is a music worth their attention and butt shakin’. As long as it’s packaged properly, offers attractive lifestyle augmentation and is filtered through the right press, which of course Amateur Drunks are/do not. It’s a pity. Based on song craft and sincerity, it should be this years Royal Headache LP. Pop punk: most predictable. Most excellent. Out now on Consume Records.

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I am nobody – Amateur Drunks

And now i know what it’s called! I’ve been calling it “Walking down the road,” but no longer because they went and recorded a whole album, tonight being it’s release show. At Black Wire, 7pm (punk meridian, so adjust), be there. I will be. The one who looks like he hasn’t bought new clothes in five years, who rushes out of the room first after each band has played, walking around the block to avoid standing around alone with nothing to do until the next band, and who’s having a very good time. Did this album come out of no where? I had no idea they were making it, or ever would make one. But it’s here and i’m excited.

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My favourite stories – Amateur Drunks

Band i wish i were in #47. Or #1 if i were to list it preferentially. At least i get to see them often, though not as often as i should. I have this joint torment that i become too much their #1 fan, split between crippling shyness and that i lose that place to someone else. I should just go for that #1 fan position. Sydney/Newcastle rarely have had a good punk pop band, and never one this good. I’m just so happy they exist, to have them here, and that it’s these people involved.

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Love at first sight – Kylie Minogue

Is the high-concepting Kylie Minogue achieved in her reinvention around the turn of the century a result of people touched by and aware of the power of pop growing up and seizing the castle. Or as much of it as they could. Injecting their inspiration into it. Something akin to people once in punk rock or metal working their way up in media organisations to positions of content shaping and delivery, helping their friends, promoting as much as possible what they think is important. Before reality sets in and they either conform wholly or never work again. There’s probably a lot of reasons, the majority of them traceable back to money and the standards and expectations of pop at the time, but i think it’s a factor. A boring one, but a factor nonetheless.

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Friday, June 7th:
Naze? no arashi – Yoshizawa Akie

Saturday, June 8th:
Song for a future generation – The B-52’s

Sunday, June 9th:
Boys in town – The Divinyls

Monday, June 10th:
Jock gestapo – Born Against

Tuesday, June 11th:
Lucky star – Madonna

Thus ends another semester of treading water and pushing the where i want to be (or where i should already be at this pathetic stage of my life) to even further unreachable unknowns. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today. She’s a babe.

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Dugadugabowbow – Frenzal Rhomb

Hmm. Well. When i started high school, the first mufti day this weird sorting thing happened when a scattering of Frenzal Rhomb shirts singled out who the cool kids were. It’s as cool as things had to get back then, consensus brought about through lack of world experience and not wanting or needing to stray to far from what everyone else wasn’t straying to far from. What do kids have nowdays if not Frenzal Rhomb? There will always be something.

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Lovesong – Amiel

I don’t know which version i am posting – the swear one or the clean one. “The lyrics were changed to “stupid Lovesong” for radio because “stupid” preserves the sentiment better than a beep,” she says, and that’s one capitulation to broadcasting standards i can back. It would be jarring now to hear the original lyrics, not least because it would be jarring to hear this song outside of the radio or in shops. It would seem forced now (as it did then), like some nonsense reach away from the commercial realm for an authenticity it doesn’t really need and can’t be as successful with.

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Aurora – The Cat’s Miaow

This is a quiet song, but for everything in me that wants it to be louder i know it could not be any more perfect and more powerful if it were.

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