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Supercrush – Tiger Trap

What a great band Tiger Trap were, speaking at a distance never concurrent with their existence as a band, of course. I think maybe Go Sailor are my Rose Melberg band of preference, but that is probably due to me having spent more time with them than her other excellent music endeavours. Unlike other people of many bands and side projects, i can trace and have perfect grasp of everything Rose Melberg has done, and love it all. So much. A Rose Melberg band, no matter her level of involvement, from Gaze to the Softies, from her solo stuff to her guest appearances, has a certain stamp to it. You can tell her presence. Maybe it’s all down to familiarity, but with others like her, themselves spread along the music landscape with as many hands in as many cookie jars, i often fail to recognise and trace from band to band their appearance, their stamp.

cranes are flying

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