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The International Tweexcore Underground – Los Campesinos!

Uh-oh. No. They’re a good band. They do things right. I hold the highest of courts for such decisions, i do, so let it be known – it’s now decreed. I hate what distance cautionary fandom and fear of exposing love of an uncool thing has put between me and Los Campesinos. It’s full embrace now. No one cares.

The only thing that grates here is the name dropping, which is an unfortunate and prevalent thing in this international tweexcore underground. Yes, it’s nice to know we’re on the same page, it’s nice to know what music you like and are affected by, but… i don’t know… it’s like there’s this overarching theme of collecting, of checklisting, of owning, of capital running through this music nowdays. The scene and its history (however filtered and understood) and its reproduction is everything now.

I mean, the Pooh Sticks wrote On Tape in 1988, but now, with everyone knowing everything, and the ability for everyone to know everything, this spate of self-absorption and non-imagination running through this music, it has gone crazy into staple and tedium. It’s always something with me, isn’t it?

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Death to Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!

On the other side of the contrived, grating spectrum of bands, i place Los Campesinos! I’m sure i’m wrong. I’m sure there’s an absolute to this, and i’ve fallen for the wrong type of band. Los Campesinos are the real irritating band. No! In defiance or delusion, i side with them, i am affected by them, i can bear them. There just so damned disarming and infectious. There is not a lot i like more, that gives me as much joy, makes me feel still here and connected, in this life – at this point in it, who i am in it, where i am in it – than being disarmed.

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