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Yesterday: Ano Natsu no bike – Kokusho Sayuri

Today: Mine – Taylor Swift

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Speak now – Taylor Swift

There was a matter of shameful worlds colliding in an explosion of giddy glee for me recently when on the SNSD special of the South Korean talk show Big Brothers Seohyun covered this song as her prepared special talent. There’s always a prepared special talent. Always some hoop jumping… Anyway, it was just herself and an acoustic guitar and it was very nice. I think it’s the same pink guitar Yonghwa from CNBLUE gave to her on an episode of We Got Married. I’m in too deep.

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Should’ve Said No

Should’ve said no – Taylor Swift

I wish i had gone to see her. I do. Just after the concert, as people are prone to do, a group of girls in this town wore their official Taylor Swift Australian Tour 2010 t-shirts everywhere, and for some reason that made me feel the pangs of not going more than anything. Sure, those shirts were just above wrestling shirts in their hideousness and being unfit to wear anywhere but to bed, but, in my face, at work when i’m most prone to desires of escape and dream fulfillment, those shirts symbolised every wasted opportunity, social censure and stifled dream i lay on myself daily. She’ll be back.

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Fifteen – Taylor Swift

Through prayer and petition, and an unexplainable, uncreditable overhaul of in-store radio programming, this song has found its way on to our muzak rotation. Every time it comes around it is the sweetest, sweeping impetus we have to down tools and remember a world outside, feeling just as fifteen as this song shimmers out.

who are you camus

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Love Story

Love story – Taylor Swift

I will not hear a bad word said about her! My excuse for not being in this guy from work’s Jonas Brothers cover band is my resolute siding with Taylor Swift. Team Taylor, you know? Close examination may ruin this for me. There is her maybe somewhat affected southern drawl, and the steel pedal and banjo, to hallmark her music enough to fit in with the country music scene. But she is a country singer, congenitally and stated. The lyrics present the idle, passive lovelorn girl replete in pop music, as well in conventional fairy tales from which she, needless to say, draws this song’s scenario. It’s just a girl wanting and creating a boy, a dream, and a paradise for them both through song. The most perfect thing.

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