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As usual i’ve missed a few days through work and such. What a busy, fulfilling life.

Tuesday, December 3rd: Run for help – The Chinkees

Wednesday, December 4th: Toho picture – Xeno and Oaklander

Thursday, December 5th: Don’t you want me – The Human League

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Controlling Animals

Controlling animals – The Chinkees

Ska alert. I feel i need to give that. But the Chinkees are one band i’m willing to keep from that late 90’s ash heap of suburban youth expression. It might all be due to them having an organ instead of a horn section, that they kept most things straight and simple, interchanging ska and punk without it ever feeling like ska punk, to their lyrics and ethos, or just because they wrote good, short songs, but this person so removed from, so evolved and so cringing at the porkpie hat wearing (yes…) kid who ate up every 3rd wave thing he could find back then will still listen to them this day, and that’s got to stand for something.

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