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Ohio – Chixdiggit

I think Chixdiggit might be my favourite live band that i’ve never seen live. Just from audio recordings, video and on the word of people i’ve never met, i think i’ve really missed out. Twice now. First in 1999 during my boycott of all things Frenzal Rhomb; and then in 2005 for either laziness or romantic reasons. The rock concert brought to the dumb punk rock show mode they play, KJ’s breathless “let’s here it for [anything],” audience participation breakdowns, the fun, just to have their songs played to me live – oh regret. So,because i’ve already posted the album version before, today’s Ohio is a live version. It probably doesn’t carry over all i feel i’ve missed, but it should be established by now that i don’t have the best taste in music, nor the highest markers for what i’d like to experience in life.

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2000 Flushes

2000 flushes – Chixdiggit

Not wanting to go into too much on my toilet habits, but a long time ago i too was once much like KJ in this song. It’s a habit learned from my mother, though, and she probably from hers and onward in my family’s rich water-conserving, farming history. I’ve been corrected and it dies with me. It’s gross and i’ve learned just how much, especially with this horribly designed toilet i have now. Flush, everybody. It’s not cool. Well, maybe it is if done for ethical reasons rather than sloven laziness, but how often those lines blur. But don’t write a song about it.

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I should have played football in high school – Chixdiggit!

I’ve watched more than enough episodes of Friday Night Lights to know that that wouldn’t be the worst way to spend high school. And that’s kind of what this song is about: That weird shifting of allegiances where people you hated and lived and aspired very differently from start moving freely post-high school into places, personae and predilections they during school would not have been caught dead in. i.e. Yours. And then you turn to think that if nothing matters, nothing is set, and nothing depends on steadfast suffering, then why didn’t we just spend high school safe and determined in the places and patterns that would have allowed us to be, instead of seeing our refuge one day co-opted by the very people we were free from within.

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Grungebaby – Chixdiggit!

It must have been really frustrating being young and cool in the early 90’s. I mean those who were already set to be cool regardless of underground explosion/co-option. Watching this ostensibly related thing bubble up and and erupt all over the sanctuary you’ve resigned yourself for. Intruders making it their place; other, larger intruders making space, giving it a new name – Grunge. Wishing you were part of another generation.

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Ohio – Chixdiggit!

I don’t know what or who the Whuppin’ is, but Ohio is its home. This is silly and barely related to this song, but it always disappoints me when Canadians refer to things and places in the U.S.A. with as much ease and familiarity as they do those in Canada. I know it’s only across a border or lake, but there’s something sometimes so great about provincialism and i believe every freely-spouted reference to the U.S. by a Canadian with a platform harms that. It’s disheartening, as though it is more appealing, less demeaning to set yourself as an (U.S. of) American or disclose your Canadianism.

Like when the Kids in the Hall set a sketch in, a character from, or talk about the United States compared to when things are absolutely, brilliantly Canadian. I want to hear about Canada – your Canada. Those little things that shape people growing up where they do. It’s a stupid thing to care about, and there is probably a lot of over border acquaintance (not so much coming back i wager), but to be a someone from a somewhere is sometimes a great thing indeed. Not that all too often i’m happy to declare myself an Australian from Australia.

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Gettin’ Air

Gettin’ air – Chixdiggit!

Yes, getting air. When was the last time anyone even said that? Even in 1998. Snowboarders, maybe. Secluded on top of their mountains, it can leave them a little backward in developments regarding acceptable hip speak. I think that’s a problem shared among the imitativeness of every other “extreme” “sport” that isn’t skateboarding. But Chixdiggit know that. The only reason they’re even on the snow fields and trying to talk the lingo is because the girl KJ likes is there.

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Sikome Beach

Sikome Beach – Chixdiggit!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sikome Aquatic Facility, commonly referred to as Sikome Lake, is a man made lake in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is located in the south-east quadrant of the city, within the Fish Creek Provincial Park, and is part of the Bow River basin. It lies at an elevation of 1005 m and has a surface of 0.4 km2 (100 acres).[1]

First opened in August 1978, it is a swimming area open during the summer as a public beach. Up to 20,000 swimmers a day visit the lake during summer week-ends.[2] The beach is staffed by Alberta Provincial Parks aquatic staff. During the winter the water is drained, and it takes three weeks to fill the lake every spring. A filtration system that chlorinates the water supply was implemented in 1988 at a cost of $1.8 million.

For the 2007 season, the lake was closed to public due to construction.[1] It has been closed before, in July 1991 and August 1999, due to excessive contamination from bird droppings[2] and in July 2005 due to flooding. A fence was constructed in 2008 to increase public safety and control depreciative behaviour.

Although there are aquatic staff on duty, policy dictates that it is the responsibility of adults to supervise their children. There are change rooms, a concession stand and a playground in the immediate area of the and beach. Barbecues are permitted in the area, as long as they are gas-powered and are used in the lawn areas adjacent to the beach. The lake facilities are open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day from mid-June to the Labour Day weekend. Pets are not permitted in the Sikome Lake area.

Sounds nice. Sometimes i need to be reminded that some people live in places where they might never even see the ocean in their lifetimes.

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