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Friday, July 6th:
Scared – Verbal Assault

Saturday, July 7th:
Tool – Heavenly

Sunday, July 8th:
Daydreamer – Merel

(a live version because i couldn’t find mp3s for Superpowers)

Monday, July 9th:
JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

Tuesday, July 10th:
Hey U – Venny

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Don’t Hate Me

Don’t hate me – Venny

Another song from a Korean drama, used much the same way as those from The Greatest Love i posted. Hearing them repeated the 1000 times they are, they’re bound to stick. This is from Couple of Fantasy, another Hong sisters drama, which i finished watching last night. An earlier one based on the movie Overboard, yet unlike that movie this is actually good. And funny.

If i’m not careful i soon may find myself having given up on everything, trapped in a couch groove, drowning in cookie crumbs, dulling myself to all corrective nudges on how i should be living my life, all those other lives these dramas fail to recognise and show, living it instead vicariously and solely through these shows. With my life on hold as i seem to have put it it seems quite possible. And appealing. Things seem better there. Things happen there.

Ahem. This is quite the fun song. I like the drum fills. Soundtracking the wealthy anti-socialite turned amnesia sufferer’s scenes of storming and demand, and suiting them perfectly. Language aside, it sounds more like a Thai or Indonesian song than a Korean one, which is not a bad thing at all.

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