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Say Yes!

Say yes! – Kikuchi Momoko

Happy New Year. Woo. Stay home and watch 80’s J-Pop videos and AJW’s Dreamslam II. Say yes! Kikuchi Momoko was NOT a member of the Onyanko Club, which could be seen as an achievement for me venturing beyond it except that the first time i heard this song was when an Onyanko member sang it. I don’t remember who, but it wasn’t the only time. I think this song was huge. Deservedly huge. It’s so good. I don’t know much about Momoko, or anything 80’s J-pop beyond the Onyanko Club. Look at me unable to mention anyone else without saying they weren’t in the club. Like their existence depends on whether they were within or without the group. The avenues to Onyanko are just more open to someone new to this music than the remainder of it – of which there is so much. I’ll get around to it eventually.

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