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Music for evenings – Young Marble Giants

I think it might be cliche to speak of Young Marble Giants as the quietest band in the world, but there’s a truth to it and a power it carries that i believe should always stick to them. This is the third time a song of theirs has come up here which to me seems far too low. But that might be a blessing because look at me struggling to find something to say. The opening song to the second side of the album, one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. An underrated song i think, but i’m sure those sensitive and sensible love them all.

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I’m in a drawn out process of moving house, so that’s why. School on top of that and no internet there yet, some things have to be put aside. As catchup:

Thursday, March 14th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Friday, March 15th
Two out of three ain’t bad – Meat Loaf

Saturday, March 16th
Final day – Young Marble Giants

Sunday, March 17th
In the city – The Jam

Monday, March 18th
You keep me hanging on – Vanilla Fudge

Listen to those in order and maybe you can draw a narrative of my experience these past few days. Maybe not.

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N.I.T.A. – Young Marble Giants

I’ve wondered before here to where, if there exists a where, i would go next with music; who i would fall in love with and which formerly closed world would open up to me next. It’s no distant world, and i wonder why i’ve not gotten into them earlier, but for the past few months i’ve been enamoured of Young Marble Giants and every sublime thing they did in their two years of existence. They’re my new thing.

The method and minimalism the Young Marble Giants used in their songs, and Alison’s voice, delivered always beautiful things, but the synthesizer/organ lines in this song in particular are so fantastic, so enchanting, so otherworldly. It sounds like it belongs in a Jacques Cousteau or a Jean Painlevé documentary, without any illustration of the scientific underwater, just the magical, unearthly underwater, unknown, unstudied, illusion intact, possibly with mermaids and mermen, sunken treasure.

So what does N.I.T.A. stand for? There’s my next step: Complete immersion in and comprehension of the band, from lyrics to gear used to philosophy.

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